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Conflict of laws sometimes called private international law concerns relations across different legal jurisdictions between natural persons companies corporations and other legal entities their legal obligations and the appropriate forum and procedure for resolving disputes between themdefinitiona difference between the laws of two or more jurisdictions with some connection to a case such that the outcome depends on which jurisdictions law will be used to resolve each issue in dispute the conflicting legal rules may come from us federal law the laws of us states or the laws of other countriesoverviewthe question to be asked by one concerned with conflict of laws is conflict of laws in the united states is the field of procedural law dealing with choice of law rules when a legal action implicates the substantive laws of more than one jurisdiction and a court must determine which law is most appropriate to resolve the action in the united states the rules governing these matters have diverged from the traditional rules applied internationally6 basic conflict of laws principles 3 nationality while domicile is the criterion used in common law jurisdictions to determine cer tain conflict of laws issues the estate planner should be aware that other jurisdic conflict of laws is a set of rules of procedural law which determine the legal system and the law of jurisdiction applying to a given legal dispute in civil law lawyers and legal scholars refer to conflict of laws as private international law they typically apply when a legal dispute has a foreign element

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