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  • Betsy Reid says:

    Dear Reddich Transition Town,

    I would be very interested to hear how your arrangements for the apple press work. We have had one for four years (WALGA, Waldringfield Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association) and lent it out successfully for three of those – but covering the public indemnity insurance is a real headache. Our current insurers, Ansvar, charge us over £300 – the same as tcr eharge for SLOG (South Lakes Orchard Group) even though they have two presses, one of which is so big it has to go on a trailer, and run far more events. Reading Transition gets its insurance from Tennyson for £200 – but I don’t know their conditions of hire yet.

    We let both individuals and community groups have it for £10 a day (the same as SLOG for a 20L press) – but we don’t specify that they have to use it in a particular place and hope they are sensible – and rely on them too, to hand it on to the next user with advice about use – that way we both encourage cascading knowledge and avoid extra travel costs.

    But the insurance is very difficult to cover with the number of lendings we get.

    It would be very helpful to know what your lending arrangements are, now that I am needing to renew the insurance for this year and hoping to negotiate a better deal than I have had in the past.

    If you can get back to me I will forward you our lending arrangements – or you can find it on as it was last year – not updated yet.

    Hope to hear from you soon – though I am on a boat on the west coast of Scotland and not in regular email contact – should be able to get back every three or four days.


    Betsy Reid
    Chairman WALGA

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