Transition Town Redditch Community Apple Press

Transition Town Redditch Community Apple Press

We have received a Redditch Borough Council Stronger Communities Grant towards purchasing a Community Apple Press and Mill.

It will be mobile, and will be able to be lent out to any community groups who wish to borrow it.

It will be used on a not for profit basis, with any profit made put back into the community.

Other possibilities in the future:

  • Transition Redditch sessions ¬†where people could bring along their own apples to be pressed.
  • Harvesting/collecting fruit for people who aren’t able to harvest or bring in the fruit themselves.
  • Cycle trailer for transporting the apple press and equipment.
  • Pasteurising and bottling.
  • Cider-making.
  • Schools projects.
  • Opportunities to employ or give voluntary experience to unemployed people.
  • Opportunites for anyone interested to get involved at whatever level.¬†What part do you think you could play?

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